Dahlia tubers multiply themselves and I divide them every year, so I regularly have a surplus of tubers. These are for sale for the enthusiast. I have no nursery so it have tubers in small numbers available only: from most cultivars I have only one tuber to sell. Therefore, you can not order more than one tuber per cultivar.

Ordering can be done as follows:

  • Send an email with your name, (shipping) address and the cultivars you want to: order @
  • You will get a confirmation email.
  • Before the order is shipped you will receive an email with the dahlias that will be sent and the total amount, with a request for payment to my bankaccount.
  • The order is shipped after receiving your payment.

Terms of delivery

  • Payment in advance, you will receive the bankaccount number by email. The price is:2.50 Euro per tuber + shipping costs. Minimum order: 10 Euro (4 tubers). Shipping outside the Netherlands is possible to most countries within the European Union. Send me an email if you are interested in this.
  • Delivery will be in order of received orders. It can happen that ordered cultivars are already sold out. These will not be charged.
  • Shipping when it is not freezing, between mid-February and late April. Shipping by regular mail. I cannot be held responsible should something go wrong with the shipment.
  • I do my best to provide tubers from the right cultivars. In a few cases, I'm not sure of the name, which is then stated in my catalog.
  • It happens that dahlia tubers do not sprout, this is at your own risk. Because my tubers originate from perennial plants and therefore almost always have eyes, the risk is relatively small.